Interior Design.

To complete the living space, we thoroughly understand the importance of interior design as well as exterior, DB Studio team of experts make an effort to bring the perfection of space in each project through all the meticulousness, consideration in each surface material, in each small-size segment, and complete the use process for all activities with the most vivid experience.

Interior Design consists of Concept Design, Technical Design, and Project Deployment.

1. Concept Design

This is an important period for DB Studio to visualize the client’s thoughts into specific images. For the investor’s, living space does not stop at visual beauty and functional use, but it is also the experience, perception, and enjoyment. Documents in this stage include drawings showing morphological motifs, 3D images, and also have models to help invertors easily visualize the space.

2. Technical Design

The document of the technical design will provide all the material dimensions of every component in the usable space. Estimate the project costs in order to ensure feasibility.

3. Project Deployment.

The document of the technical design obtains all the technical items that the project needs for accurate and certain construction: architecture, interior, electricity, water, lighting, and information. Drawings are released and used outside at the actual construction site.