Project Management.

Time, Cost, and Quality. These three factors are so important in each project, each construction. Because of understanding this relevance, DB Studio project management service is aimed toward researching and providing optimal solutions. We are always dedicated to solving and bringing the high effect in work to all clients at the best standards and the most suitable to the conditions of the projects.

Project Management has three stages of work: Plan the project, Implement the project, and complete the project.

1. Plan the project.

This stage includes the following tasks: defining the project objectives, through the process of collecting information, data, legality, analysis, and questionnaires. Identifying and evaluating resources for project implementation: implementation time, investment costs, quality requirements, setting the priority order for the work during the project implementation.

2. Implement the project.

This is the coordination process from the evaluation results of the previous stage, using resources: investment costs, manpower, equipment systems, to ensure that Time, Project Cash Flow, Project quality is done in an optimal way. Control the process of implementation to accomplish project goals.

3. Complete the project.

Accept and evaluate the process of project implementation. Delivering the project to the Client and the Investor.