Structure Engineering.

DB Studio has a team of experienced engineers to solve structural engineering challenges, we are always excited for projects with high demand for optimized solutions, creativity, of any scale, large or small construction scope. DB Studio engineers use software and tools that are the most up-to-date and available in order to achieve effective design solutions for the cost, quality, standards, and especially emphasis on sustainable design for the construction.

Structure Engineering has three work stages: Preliminary design, Structural design deployment, and technical design.

1. Preliminary design.

The preliminary selection of cross-sectional dimensions of vertical structures is the column, the horizontal structure is the beam, and the length of the floor is also determined. Combined with other technical subjects, such as Architectural design, Interior design, and Electrical, Water, Air-conditioning design to build design documents that ensure aesthetics and safety. Determine the foundation plan, the depth of foundation burial.

2. Structural design.

Modeling structures by specialized software, determining internal forces in structures such as columns, beams, floors. Make the drawings showing all accurate information for the structure. Positioning columns, beams, floors; showing the dimensions of the column, beam, and floor section. With reinforced concrete structure system, fully showing information about the durability level of concrete and steel, diameter, reinforcement content in the structure. With the steel structure system fully showing the connection: the number of bolts, the length of the weld, etc.

3. Technical Design.

The document of this stage is released to be used at the actual construction site, clarifying all contents of the construction process, and meeting all the current legal requirements.