Architectural Design

Our challenge is to figure out a solution for each project creating a space and an environment so that people can enjoy the full value of life. We believe that architecture makes a great contribution to form the quality of life. Our design process, from developing concepts to supervising constructions, is marked by attention to detail from point to point as well as creative inspiration. DB Studio understands that we are involved in the process of shaping the future of Vietnam’s urban appearance, and this guides us at every stage of the work so as to complete the project with the highest results.

Architecture Design consists of three design stages: Concept Design, Basic Design, and Technical Design.

1. Concept Design.

After the work process of collecting information, this is an important time for DB Studio to visualize the client’s thoughts into specific images. From our perspective, the work does not end at visual beauty and functional use, but this work is also a living and cognitive experience in the investor’s eyes. Documents in this stage include drawings showing morphological motifs, 3D images, miniature models of the work.

2. Basic Design.

Document of the basic design to clarify technical issues and build a financial estimate of investment costs for projects and works accurately. Our objective is to clarify the feasibility of construction investment based on the selected conceptual design plan, it shows the basic technical parameters in accordance with the standards and serves as a foundation for taking the next steps.

3. Technical Design.

The document of the technical design obtains all the technical items that the project needs for an accurate and certain construction. Drawings are released and used outside at the actual construction site.