Dedicated to marketing and sales, Tran Quang Sale Office is aimed to provide employees with high-spirited energy and great comfort. The office includes a waiting area, workstations for 16 staff, a pantry, a collaboration area, a reading area, two meeting rooms and a restroom.

We utilize an open plan arrangement to create an office filled with natural daylight and greenery. This configuration helps to not only minimize consumed energy level but also positively contributes to the health and productivity of staff. An open plan also encourages social interaction and generates the aspired high-spirited energy for the space.

Fifteen shades of yellow, orange, red, grey, mint and green combine to create a vibrant palette against a neutral background. The use of contrasting materials such as perforated metal, mosaic tile, wood, carpet, fabric enhances the positive energy of the space. We are also committed to use quality materials and products from known sources that are socially and environmentally responsible such Shaw carpets, Inax tiles, FSC certified wood, Belux lamps, B+ Furniture, Segis, etc.

A plain balcony is converted into a green garden that embraces Vietnamese tropical living style. The garden has become a place for social gathering and for everyone to recharge with positive energy.


Thu Jan 01 1970


Phuong Quynh Nhu

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